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Griffin Farms Cattle Dogs is now featuring custom leather dog collars! 
These collars, custom made for us by C & L Saddles and Tack of Eminence, MO, are made of all lined harness leather and are heavy duty, built to last, classy collars. They are studded and feature stainless steel western buckles as seen on C & L's horse headstalls. We have a variety of sizes available and different buckle styles. Follow the links below to purchase one of our unique western dog collars! Collars ship FREE!!  Please include all information (address, style, etc) in Paypal links! Thank You!

​~Large Leather Dog Collar, 18 & 20 inches to center hole,  3 inch stainless steel heel buckle. ~$70.00

Large Collar, Heel Buckle, 18in
~Leather Dog Collar, 18 & 20 inches to center hole, 2 inch stainless steel oval buckle, D-ring.
Oval Leather Collar, 20 in
  If you have any questions regarding your order please call (660)635-1542!!
~Medium Leather Dog Collar, collars measure 16, 18 & 20 inches to center hole, 2 inch stainless steel heel buckle, D-ring.
Med Collar, 16-1618in/heel buckle
~Medium Leather Dog Collar, 2 inch stainless steel rectangle buckle, D-ring.
Med Collar, 20in/heel buckle
Med Collar, 18 in rectangle buckle
Med Collar, 20 in rectangle buckle

​~Large Leather Dog Collar, 20 inches to center hole,  4 inch stainless steel rectangle buckle. ~$70.00
Large Collar, Rectangle, 18in
16-18 inch Heel Buckle
20 inch Heel Buckle
20 inch Oval Buckle
16-18 inch Rectangle Buckle
18-20 inch Rectangle Buckle
18 inch Lrg Heel Buckle
20 inch Lrg Rectangle Buckle
Oval Leather Collar
18 inch Oval Buckle
Oval Leather Collar, 16-18 in
16-18 inch Oval Buckle
Med Collar, 16-18 in rectangle buckle
Med Collar, 18-20 in rectangle buckle
18 inch 
Rectangle Buckle
20 inch 
Rectangle Buckle