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Dom is our foster failure. He is not a cattle dog but an equally loved part of our family. He is our therapy and emotional support dog and our entertainer! He was on death row in a kill facility in Arkansas. I saw his face and had him pulled. He came to us to go through heartworm treatment and then be adopted out. We had no idea how damaged he was though....it took months to get him over daily obstacles as simple as eating out of a dog bowl. By the time he got over some of the issues, he had proven himself to be a vital part of our family. His past and his personality makes for one special boy. He loves and nurtures with every breath he takes and his appreciation for his new life is an inspiration.  
January 2016 we welcomed another rescue into our family. Max had been at our local shelter since he was a pup, now being 3 years old he was starting to have some major issues and behavioral problems at the shelter. He was basically on the short list, one of the "Last Chance Dogs".... Kidridge took him through Obediance Class in hopes of making him more adoptable. He learned from Kidridge but it did not carry over to others and he still was not approachable in the kennels at the shelter so no one looked at him. With no hopes of adoption we brought him home. He is a very loving and sweet soul. He is playful and happy...he just needed a family and a home.