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1/20/2008 ~ 6/11/2020 
​Pistol is our original stud, the foundation of our breeding program! He is our son Kidridge's dog and was always an amazing working dog. He is a fearless, very muscular and stocky/solid dog. Always ready for a ride or a snuggle on the sofa! He has produced awesome puppies and we are thankful for many years with Pistol working and breeding on the farm. He is now enjoying a life of retirement here with us. 
We lost our Pistol this year, June 2020. Very very sad day at Griffin Farms as he was our beginning and the foundation of it all. Even in his retired days he always met you with a woof and a hug and loved his family, especially Kidridge, with every breath he took. We will miss you forever Pistol Pete. 

For a full look at Pistol's pedigree please visit: 
www.acdpedigree.com "Maverick's Pistol Pete"
11/29/2008 ~ 01/17/2020​
Cap is one of Pistol's & Miah's pups from our first litter. Cap is the calm one, he loves to chase cows and has all the right moves but unlike Pistol he is very easy goin'. He would rather lay around and watch mom all day! He has been my babysitter for many puppies and he is just the sweetest most careful thing for his size and strength! He is a taller lankier built boy but this has proved advantageous for keeping up with us during our long cattle drives on horseback! Cap is now retired from breeding and working but he still is by momma's side everyday! 
Although I want to write a book on here and attempt to explain what he meant to me I know it would be in vain. There are no words. He was my light, my rock, my heart and soul. My best friend, my protector. My Cap was diagnosed with cancer fall of 2019 and fought hard to stay with me but it was just too much, I lost my love on January 17, 2020. I will grieve for him with every breath I take, miss him every moment of every day. I loved you more than life. Until we meet again.

For a look at Cap's full pedigree visit:  
www.acdpedigree.com "Cap Gun Pistol Warrigal"

Cobbers Shayleigh Whip 'N' Spur

Rainer Marie Arabella
Miah Killara Warrigal
7/19/2004 - 9/10/15

Miah was our first amazing blue female. She had been retired from breeding but stayed here on the farm as our beloved companion and helper. Miah produced many amazing puppies. She was always calm, quiet and level-headed. She worked off of Ethan in the pasture and sorting in the barn lot with ease. She taught the others what was expected from them and kept them all in line! We are thankful for 11 years with her and all that she taught us about this amazing breed.
For a complete look at Miah's pedigree please go to:  
www.acdpedigree.com "Miah Killara Warrigal"

~Gone But Never Forgotten~
Forest was our ACD foster dog from Pennsylvania. He came to live with us May 2013. He ended up staying forever. He was born with scoliosis and had a cart but he loved to play freely on the farm! He loved the other ACDs and was the most loving happy boy you would ever meet! 

We lost our Forest February 18, 2020. He was only 4 years old when he came to live with us in May 2013. He lived an incredible life despite his condtion. We miss his boof and his antics. He was always happy and always smiling! He had his own private fenced in yard the last few years of his life and he loved watching the cattle! He was a precious soul that touched many in his time here. We love you forever handsome boy!
Cobbers Buzzard Firefly Zeva Cheyenne
Austy Riatta Roo From South Mountain