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Christopher, MO
MIah & Pistol, 2011
~Miah & Pistol Pups ~ November 30, 2011~

~RUGER, Missouri :: ~COLT, Kansas :: ~PHOEBE, Missouri :: ~JAZZ, Missouri :: ~KOTA, Illinois :: ~ROGER, Wisonsin
Our Rocky was placed as a therapy dog with Christopher, a 4 yr old autistic child from Tina, MO. Rocky's loyalty and natural ability to nurture and protect has had an amazing affect on Christopher. The two bonded immediately and Rocky has proudly accepted his important new job and Christopher is taking great care of his new friend!   "Our family had been looking for a dog for our son, Christopher. We had looked into several breeds but blue heeler runs deep in mom's veins. Christopher needed a companion, as well as someone that would look after him, protect him and keep him safe. I contacted Amanda and Ethan about the possibility of getting a pup from them. I carefully explained that with Christopher having autism and ADHD, I needed all of the qualities and couldn't just settle with anything. Amanda had the perfect pup in mind, "Rocky". It was a perfect match from day one. Rocky has settled into our home and is one of the family. He goes everywhere with Christopher except to school. Rocky has the energy to keep up with Christopher but also has the knowledge to know when Christopher just needs him to be by his side and relax. Rocky will be trained to work cattle when he gets older. He will be a multifunctional dog. Our experience with Griffin Farms has been great! I would highly recommend their dogs to anyone who is looking for a companion or working dog. "   ~Doross, Darin and Christopher
"Therapy/Service Dogs for children with Autism can be trained to get help when it is needed, draw attention to a child’s name being called, keep a child from wandering into roadways, help find a child that is lost and lead him safely home. Furthermore, the therapeutic relationship that is cultivated between dog and child has the capacity to attenuate anger, aggression, and mood swings." (Psychiatric Service Dog Society)  "Careful breeding and educated puppy selection go a long way toward reducing training time and increasing safety, as does establishing optimal behavioral patterns right from the start. There are desired qualities in a dog that cannot be trained; they instead are recognized, carefully nurtured, and supported." (North Star Foundation)
"Ruger", Watkins', MO
"Colt", Percival's, KS
"Pheobe", Ottman's, MO
"Lakota", Katy, LA
"Jazz", WIneland's, MO
"Roger", Tyler, WI
~Rainer & Cap Pups ~ February 1, 2012~

~ZACK, Missouri :: ~BYRON, Kansas :: ~MAVERICK, Missouri :: ~WILLIE, Kansas :: ~DOC, Iowa :: ~JOSIE, Iowa :: ~JULES, Missouri :: ~JETT, Nebraska 
"Derringer", Steltzer's, MO
"Zeb", Bachman's, KS
"Maverick", Johnson's, MO
"Willie", Brian, KS
"Doc", Murphy's, IA
"Dixie", Sweeting's, IA
"Jules", Padyn, MO
"Jett", Kamrath's, NE
~Miah & Pistol Pups ~ November 21, 2010~

~BENSON, Nebraska :: ~GAGE, Indiana :: ~STELLA, Florida :: ~JOHN RICH, Missouri :: 
~BUDDY, Illinois :: ~HETTIE, Kansas :: ~ZEVA, Kansas :: ~BABY, Iowa 

"Benson", Nebraska
"Gage", Indiana
"Stella", Florida
"John Rich", Missouri
"Buddy", Illinios
"Hettie", Kansas
"Zeva", Kansas
"Baby", Iowa
~Miah & Pistol Pups ~ December 1, 2009~

~FRIDAY, Missouri :; ~HODGE, Ohio :: ~SYDNEY, Minnesota :: ~MALIKA, Missouri :: 
~BLUE, Michigan :: ~COOPER, Illinois :: ~MIKE, Colorado :: ~MORGANNE, Louisiana

"Femmer's Friday", Missouri
"Hodge", Ohio
"Sydney", Minnesota
"Malika", Missouri
"Blue", Michigan
"Cooper", Illinios
"Mikey", Colorado
"Jessie", Louisiana
~Miah & Pistol Pups ~ November 29, 2008~

~Bodi, Missouri :: ~ Siren, Minnesota :: ~Trigger, Minnesota :: 
~Dally, Missouri :: ~Jillaroo, Missouri :: ~Cap, Missouri

"Bodi", Missouri
"Siren", Minnesota
"Trigger", Minnesota
"Dally", Missouri
"Jill", Missouri
"Cap", Griffin Farms:)
~Rainer & Cap Pups ~March 21, 2013~

~Burkley, Missouri :: ~Tye,Iowa

"Benson" (2010) & "Jett"
~Zeva & Pistol Pups ~ October 24, 2013~

~Rainer & Cap Pups ~ September 18, 2013~

~DAISY, Iowa :: ~DIXIE, Iowa :: ~BEAR, Missouri :: ~LETTY, Arkansas :: 
~HOOEY, Missouri:: ~BAILEY, Iowa:: ~ATLAS, Missouri :: ~LUCY, Iowa

    Below you will find pictures of past puppies. We love to keep in contact with the pups new families and get updates! I hope to at some point go thru and put an updated picture next to everyone's puppy picture but playing with puppies is always more important! I haven't made it through very many and some are not adult updates so this page will remain a work in progress! Please visit my Facebook page for more pictures! 
BOYS ~ ATLAS, Canada :: FINN, Iowa :: ABEL, Kansas :: Gunner, Ohio :: Mack, Kansas

GIRLS ~ DAISY, Missouri :: YEPA, Illinois :: KODA, Massachusetts :: ELLIE MAE, Texas :: OSA, Missouri
~Zeva & Pistol Pups ~ November 2, 2014~

~BOONE, Kansas:: ~GORDO, Missouri :: ~LARIAT, Missouri :: ~HARLEY, Nebraska :: 
~SALLY, Missouri :: SARGE, Michigan :: ~CACTUS, Michigan 

~Rainer & Cap Pup ~ September 26, 2014~

~Austy & Pistol Pups ~ December 22,  2014~

~Burkley & Dude Pups ~ October 1, 2015~

JESSIE, Ohio :: ~RUSTY, Missouri :: ~SPUR, Missouri :: ~CASH, Ohio :: 
~COTTON, Colorado :: ~JENGA, Missouri :: ~GATLI, Missouri 
~Zeva & Pistol Pups ~ October 20, 2015~

~IVAN, Missouri :: ~JAKE, Missouri ::~ LINCOLN, Illinois :: ~JEFFERSON, Illinois :: 
~ABIGAIL, Kansas :: ~RIGBY, Missouri :: ~BESS, Missouri :: ~MAISIE, Missouri 
~RONAN, Wisconsin :: ~DEACON, Missouri :: ~BINDI, Missouri :: ~HITCH, Michigan :: ~ZEKE, Missouri :: ~JAXI ROSE, Missouri :: ~DIXIE MAE, Massachusetts
~ELSA, Illinois 
~Austy & Pistol Pups ~ February 19, 2016~

~SCHRODIE, Missouri :: ~SHINER, Oklahoma :: 
~JEP, IOWA :: ~PIPER, California :: ~HANK, Nebraska :: ~HARPER, Missouri :: ~HAVOC, Illinois
~Shay & Pistol Pups ~ September 14, 2016~

~MADDY ROSS, Michigan :: ~LEE, Iowa :: ~ REMINGTON MAY, Missouri :: ~KEEGAN, Missouri :: ~ROOSTER, Missouri :: ~ HONDO, Tennessee :: ~YOWIE, Missouri :: ~ NED PEPPER, Missouri :: ~SEDONA, Arizona
~Zeva & Dude Pups ~ October 09, 2016~

~DURANGO, California :: ~CODY, Florida :: ~EL CHAPO, Georgia :: ~HANK, Missouri :: 
~TIG, Missouri :: ~KANE, Missouri :: ~GRIFFIN, Colorado :: RUBY, Missouri :: 
~CHEYENNE, Missouri :: ~TALLY, Missouri

~Austy & Cap Pups ~ April 26, 2017~

ARIES, Iowa :: SHORTY, Missouri :: LOVELY, Illinois :: 
TESSA, Missouri :: BAILIE, Missouri :: DENNY, Nebraska
~Zeva & Spur Pups ~ October 01, 2017~

~TANK, Minnesota :: ~DJIN DJIN, Texas :: ~PEPPER, Missouri :: ~BINDI, Missouri ::
~HONOR, Arkansas :: XENA, Iowa :: ~LADY SIF, Minnesota :: ~ROXY, Missouri
~Austy & Cap Pup ~ July 14, 2018~

Annie Oalkey

~Valor & HooDoo ~ December 30, 2019~

~Groot, Missouri :: ~Ruger, Nebraska :: ~Keota, GFCD :: ~Cooper, Iowa :: ~Creed, Missouri ::
~Hattie, Tennessee :: ~Penny, Missouri :: ~Presley, Wisconsin :: ~Blue, California :: Genesee, Tennessee
~Merla & HooDoo ~ June 13, 2020~

~Oakley, Nebraska :: ~Reagan, Missouri :: ~Rooster, Missouri :: ~Zip, Iowa :: 
~Doc, Oklahoma :: ~Koda, Washington :: ~Semper, Missouri :: Cinch, Nebraska 
~Rilke & Aries ~ June 20, 2020~

~Duke, Massachusetts :: ~Hank, North Carolina :: ~Catfish, Kansas :: ~Ranger, Missouri :: ~Tucker, Colorado :: ~Shyla, Missouri :: ~Jinx, Iowa :: ~Henrietta, Missouri :: ~Valkyrie, Illinois
​~Merla & Spur ~ December 26, 2020~

~Crux, Missouri :: ~Drac, Minnesota :: ~Hoku, Illinois :: ~Doss, Missouri ::
~Alula, ,Missouri :: ~Vela, Illinois :: ~Lyra, Tennessee :: ~Miah, Missouri :: ~Addi, Illinois
~Valor & HooDoo ~ December 17, 2020~

~Geyser, Illinois :: ~Koda, Missouri :: ~Bandit, Missouri :: ~Loki, Missouri :: 
~Denali, Illinois :: ~Winnie, Texas :: ~Blye, Missouri :: ~Nell, Missouri